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The Oakridge Assembly of God Church is located in the very center of the small town of Oakridge.  Our community is in the foothills of the Cascade Range in eastern Lane county, Oregon.  The town of 3500 is surrounded by the Willamette National Forest,  which is one of the largest in the country with almost 1.7 million acres of forested land, mountains, lakes and streams.  In fact there are 5 major streams that come together in the community.  

Living in a forest gives us a great perspective on building community. Every tree has it's own unique role to play in the health of the forest and the same is true of the church! We love what the Lord has given us but your friendship and talents will always be a welcome addition in leading people into a relationship with Jesus..

Drop in any time and you will find a warm welcome and discover a family that loves you!

Meet just a few of the team 
Lead Pastor 
Pastor Ed & Rose Novak
Youth/Associate Pastor 
Pastor Joe & Christina 
Kids Leaders_edited_edited.jpg
Josh & Misty 
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